SocioBOT, Email n phone scraper based on FB Group keyword

ecover-email-phone-number-scraper (504 x 441)Last month on Ratakan , IM product’s marketplace ,  launch new tool called “SocioBOT” ,  I  bought that tools and be an affiliate to sell that tools , cause it’s easy to build my email list , my list building goin explode with this tools called SocioBOT
SocioBOT can scrape phone number and email original account of member of Facebook Group with keyword of the group that you wanted  ,  so you can get targetted  email n phone number for your marketing
You can see below how this tools can work
result (500 x 375)If you want to buy socioBOT , for indonesian please click here    , for other countries you can used paypal  and  contact me on , to buy this tools

My SocioBOT FanPage on here

List Building never that easy with SOCIOBOT






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